Finally a way to grade real estate agents

All agents are not equally good at listing homes
Most people in real estate would acknowledge that truth. But ask them to grade agents and the answer gets muddy. That agent does a nice job, but they list only vacant so don’t judge them too harshly. That one sells listings as fast as he gets them, but they are starter homes in an easy market.

When things are confusing, its helpful to go back to the basics: an agent is hired to do a job: sell a home. The outcome is black and white – did it sell or did it expire. Using this insight Relitix has developed a system to grade agents on how well they do this most basic task.

Relitix’s Listing Effectiveness grades account for the differences in the ease of closing listings in different price ranges, property types, and geographies. In essence the agent is graded on his or her ability to close the listings they take, all other things being equal.

Each agent is assigned a grade from A-F based on how they compare to their peers. These grades appear on your customized monthly data feed.
This is another way Relitix is bringing transparency to recruiting, retention, and management of real estate agents.