About Relitix

Relitix, established in 2016, pioneers agent-focused data science tailored for the real estate brokerage management community. Our core mission is to empower leaders with the insights they need to make informed decisions. We are committed to this vision and strive to deliver exceptional value to our clients by leveraging advanced machine learning tools, interpreting data through the expertise of seasoned real estate management professionals, and developing next-generation, AI-driven KPIs.

Our Story

Relitix, established in 2016, stands at the forefront of agent-focused data science within the real estate brokerage management sphere. Rooted in a commitment to empowering leaders with informed decision-making capabilities, we have pioneered advanced machine learning tools, developed next-generation AI-driven KPIs, and enriched interpretation through the expertise of seasoned real estate management practitioners.

At Relitix, we serve as the premier provider in the industry, enabling brokerages to leverage data and AI for optimized management, agent recruitment and training, and competitive market insights. Under the leadership of our Founder, Rob Keefe, a veteran figure in residential real estate with a comprehensive background spanning brokerage, development, mortgage banking, title, and relocation management, we continue to lead the charge in innovation, offering solutions that furnish businesses with a decisive edge in today's dynamic market landscape.

Meet the Relitix Team

Rob Keefe

Founder and President

Jim Lawson

Head of Product

Michael Krantz

Head of Customer Success

Jen Saylor

Implementation Manager

Michael Corum

Business Development Representative

Matt Michalowski

Senior Data Engineer

John Awebwa

Senior Data Engineer

Josephine Horn

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"If you’re using another analytics platform, you aren’t getting the kind of insider sales data that can change your business like Reltiix can."

- Dan Kruse
Century 21 Affiliated

"There is a team of people committed to working with and helping us keep our agents some of the top producing in the nation."

-Nick Weitekamp
West USA Realty

"It is truly fascinating to see how accurate the Relitix system is. Any brokerage that doesn't have this is making a mistake."

- Anthony Lamacchia
Lamacchia Realty

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